We now have our first bike shop from Australia listed in our Bike Shop Directory. Check out Bicycles Online in …Read the Rest

Another track added

August 21, 2012

We have added another track to the England BMX Track Directory. Welcome Peel Park BMX Track to the BMX Hobbies.com …Read the Rest

BMX in the Olympics

July 30, 2012

So who is going to medal in the BMX racing at the Olympic games?? For the Men? For the Women?

We have been working on and testing your new forum and BMX social media site that is a sister site …Read the Rest

Newest track added

June 5, 2012

BMX Racetrack Zoetermeer is now listed in the BMX Track Directory. They are in The Netherlands.

Hayes Hawk BMX Club in Hayes, Middlesex, England is now listed in our BMX Track Directory. Check them out if …Read the Rest

Just finished adding 5 more BMX tracks to our BMX Track Directory. Check out the new track: Bellflower BMX in …Read the Rest

Head Injuries

April 26, 2012

I know from my own experience from BMX racing and riding that there are times that we crash and hit …Read the Rest

We added to new on-line only bike shops to our directories. Cycle Surgery & Ribble Cycles both based out of …Read the Rest


April 4, 2012

Since our goal is to be the world wide directory for BMX, we have added a language translator to the …Read the Rest

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