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You may be asking, is BMX a hobby?  Well, first to answer this question you need to know what a hobby is.

A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one’s leisure time.

While enjoyed by many as a bit of fun, an adrenaline rush, or an escape from reality. BMX, depending on the person’s desired level of adrenaline, can be considered a type of outdoor hobby.

It has many different forms and many different types of bikes, thus, different types of BMX hobbies. BMXhobbies.com will work at educating you about the different forms, from racing to freestyle to trail riding and their subcategories, we will help you get started in the fun hobbies of BMX. Cycling BMX is a fun and enjoyable hobby no matter which form it is that you enjoy or any combinations of them.

We plan on providing descriptions, directories, location maps, how-to-tips from bike mechanics, event schedules and a whole lot more. Most of this information will be provided by members of the bike communities, where the information is fresh. Plus the fact that we can’t be everywhere in the world to collect the information ourselves for your reading pleasure.

Unlike other track directories and bike shop directories that you may find on the Internet, we will be working hard to make sure that the information contained in these directories are as up to date as possible. We will be making regular checks and following up with the information providers to up date the content. We want BMXHobbies.com to be your number 1 source for valid and up to date BMX directory content.

Our plan is to make BMXHobbies.com a World Wide source for information about tracks, bike shops, trails, skateparks, events and anything else about BMX. So if you are a track operator, a bike shop owner, or a trail/skatepark rider please contact us and send us your information so that we can add your locations to our directories.

You can also use the E-mail link that is located on the bottom right corner of every page to send an e-mail to your friends, local tracks, bike shops or whoever; to tell them about this cool site and the page that you are on.

For your interests: Glossary of BMX Terms

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Make use of our services and help us build on them. These services are here to help all BMXers to enjoy their version of the Hobby. We will be working with tracks and bike shops to provide you with the most up to date information for these directories. We will also be working with you, the BMXer, to help with the trails directory. See our contact page on how you can submit information to our site.

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BMX Hobbies

BMX has many different forms and each is a hobby in itself. We have tried to set them up on this site with the main ones being Racing, Free-ride, Freestyle, and Old Skool Collecting. There are other forms and they are found in subcategories under these. If your favorite form of BMXing isn’t found, please contact us and we will look at adding it to our site.

BMX Hobbies.com’s main group categories are:

BMX Racing



Old Skool Collecting


This is going to be an excellent site to find tracks to race at.
– Chelsey, Racer

Finally a place were I can find new places to ride.- Johnny Mack, Trail Rider

Have fun with your BMX bikes and enjoy your time on BMXHobbies.com!

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