BMX is a web site that provides BMX riders and fans with information about each of the different aspects of the hobby, directories to help find BMX Tracks, Bike Shops, and Trails. We will also help with info on how to get started in the different forms of BMX Hobbies.

This web site will be very much aided by user input, it will be the users that will help gather the information to build the different directories. BMXers themselves are the best people to provide feedback also about BMX Tracks, Trails, and Bike Shops.

One of the most fun parts of BMXing is the traveling that can be a part of it. These directories will help BMXers to find BMX Tracks, BMX Bike Shops, and Trails in the area that they may be traveling to. By having these directories available, it will help BMXers enjoy their BMX bikes where ever they may be or travel to. These directories will also help newbies start an enjoyable time with their BMX bikes and a pursuit in a BMX hobby.

Evan Hunt, Founder of BMX Hobbies.comBMX is not only a hobby but also a culture and lifestyle. As founder of this site, I myself am a BMX racer. I raced from 1982 to 1995 and enjoyed it greatly. Ten years later I returned to the race scene and I’m still racing today. The main reason that I returned was that I missed the friendships that I made and the traveling that I did going from race to race. It was great to see new places while enjoying such a great hobby on my BMX bike. Now both of my girls are racing also. So together as a family we do a lot of traveling and BMX racing. Meeting new friends and other BMX families during our travels.

Our mission is to provide every BMXer the chance to get started in the part of the hobby that they like or combinations of them. We will do this by providing them with the most up to date directories to help them find tracks, shops or trails where ever they may be and the people to contact in those areas if needed. We will also help them keep their BMX bikes in good shape by having BMX mechanics provide the how-to’s on BMX bike repairs.

We will be providing directories that will list as much information as possible and add location maps to help BMXers find the location of the track, shop, or trail.

Another area that we will bring to you is our old skool BMX (or old school BMX) collecting section. Here, we will list up coming shows, reader’s photos of their collections and anything else that we can to help collectors find their wanted BMX bikes and BMX parts.

So enjoy our site, and your BMX riding.

Evan Hunt


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