BMX RampVert or ramp is perhaps the most extreme of the BMX freestyle disciplines.A half pipe consists of two quarter pipes set facing each other (much like a mini ramp), but at around 10–15 feet tall in height. The biggest ramp ever used in competition is the X-Games big air ramp at 27 feet tall. Both ‘faces’ of the ramp have an extension to the transition that is vertical, hence the name. Coping is a round metal tube at the lip of the vert that helps freestyle BMXers do grinds, and stalls on the lip of the vert.

Riders go up each jump, performing tricks in the air before landing into the transition having turned 180 degrees (assumptively. variations include 540, 900). A typical run involves going from one side to the other, airing above the coping each side. Also possible are ‘lip tricks’ – tricks on the platform at the top of the ramps before dropping into the ramp.

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