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2011 CJBMX Ironman Race

On Dec. 4th, 2011, Central Jersey BMX in Howell, New Jersey hosted their annual Ironman race. This event is one that is raced no matter what the weather conditions are. Be it rain, hail, sleet, or heavy snow falls the race will be run.

This year was the first time I was able to attend this event and was looking forward to racing in any weather condition, brings me back to old skool racing on wet muddy tracks. But the weather turned out to be a beautiful day for racing with the sun out and nice temperatures. I was hoping for total white out snow conditions, lol.

The racing on the track was great with alot of battles to the finish line. The main events saw alot of action in the turns and in the straight aways as all racers what’d to be the first to cross the finish line as they all wanted the prize being given out to all the main winners. That prize was a new Fly Racing helmet, and even if the racers didn’t win a new helmet, they all received a gift bag that was loaded with things like candy, bike parts, t-shirts and more.

This event was a great event and fun was had by all the attended. I look forward to attending more of this events in the future.

Main event winners at CJBMXIronman race Main winners collecting their new Fly Racing helmets.

One of the Main Event winners with their new Fly Racing helmet.

2010 ABA Grands

In case you have not see these videos on YouTube, we’ll let them act as a race report for the 2010 ABA Grands.


Part one.


Part two.
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