Old Sckool BMX CollectingThe roots of BMX go back to the early 70’s when kids mimicked their motorcycle racing heroeswhile racing each other on hand built tracks. The first bikes that were being raced back then was the Schwinn Sting-Ray or a copy of them. In 1971 the first organized race was held. About 4 years later manufacturers like Mongoose, Gt, Schwinn, an others were making 20″ wheel bikes for this growing sport. As the sport entered the 80’s, riders continued to test the limits of their bikes. Soon BMX wasn’t just about racing, riders were taking their bikes into skate parks and doing tricks. This was the start of freestyle and it was coming just as popular as BMX racing and manufacturers started making both race bikes and freestyle bikes with platforms and other built in features to help the freestyle rider.

Memorabilia collecting has always been around and BMX is no different. Collectors have been collecting photos, magazines, banners, signs, bikes, parts, helmets, jerseys and anything else that is related to BMX. Eventually, collectors were looking for old BMX bikes and parts and restoring them to their original looks from their glory days. Some of the rarest bikes are being found and restored. The restoration process later followed the collectors doing shows to show off their hard work. Now there are show and shine shows going on everywhere. There are even show n race shows going on where the collector shows the bike in the show n shine and then races the bike in a race for an overall competition show title.

There are collectors with one or two BMX bikes to collectors with 20 or more bikes. In November of 2010 (the 13th to the 14th to be exact) the founder of BMX, Scot¬†¬†Breithaupt, organized the “40 Years of BMX” in California where it all started. There were hundreds of collectors on hand to show their collections to the many BMX fans to a great success and a great show for BMX and its history.

This section of BMX Hobbies.com will be for the collectors (and others) to show off their prides of their collections; be it BMX Bikes from Mongoose, Gt, Schwinn, Dyno, Redline, Huffy, Paterson, Cooks Brothers, GHP, Raleigh, Norco, and others to parts from Profile, Odi, Haro, etc.

We will post your stories and photos plus list up coming collector shows and competitions. So send us your information by going to our contact us page or the Old Skool Collecting Submission Page. So show us your stuff for everyone to see and enjoy them with you. Maybe more people will see the joy of old skool collecting and get started in it from reading your stories on here.

If possible we will start a page for people looking to buy and sell old skool BMX bikes, parts, and other BMX memorabilia.


Old Sckool BikesOld sckool bikes on display


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