BMX RacingThere are many BMX tracks around the world, racing under varioussanctioning bodies or organizations. There are even some BMX tracks that race independently from sanctioning bodies. This is a BMX track directory to help BMXers to find local BMX tracks that they can start racing at or that they can go to during their travels. So no matter where in the world they are, we are working to provide them the locations of BMX tracks to enjoy.

This directory will provide the BMX track location, track contacts, race schedules, and any other information that the tracks provide. There is also a comments section on each directory page so people can comment about the BMX track.

If you are a track director or operator, please go to our contact page or BMX Track Submission Page and submit your BMX track information so that it can be added to this BMX track directory. If you are a BMX racer and your local BMX track is not listed, have your local track contact us so that BMXers can find your BMX track.

All BMXers need to also remember to always bring their protective gear, especially their helmet.

If you are new to BMX racing, check our guide to getting started in BMX racing.

To find a BMX track, just click on a country to go to the BMX track directory for that country. We will be adding more countries as the tracks send us their information. We will also update the track pages as they send us updates for their pages. So check back for the most up to date information on the tracks.



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