Boisbriand BMX
3233 rue de la Bastille
Boisbriand, Quebec
Canada, J7H 1R3

Track Phone Number: 1-450-435-1954

Track Web Site:

Track E-mail Address:

Sanctioning:  FQSC

Contact Name Contact Phone Number Contact E-mail Address
 Bruno Vachon  1-514-252-3071 Ext. 3471

Our Race Season is from May 12th 2012 to September 22nd 2012


Team Practices from May 1st to September 20th on every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. No Practices from July 22nd to August 4th.

Local Races

June 20th, July 11th, August 15th from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
$3 with UCI or FQSC license.
$5 extra for event license.
Opened to all BMX and Mountain Bikes.

Regional Races at track

May 12th, June 9th, Sept. 22nd
$10 with UCI or FQSC license
$5 extra for event license 


All races are opened to all levels from 5 years of age to adult.
BMX with 20 inch wheels, Cruiser (24 inch wheels) and Mountain Bikes.
All riders must have Full Face Helmet, gloves, long sleeve jersey and long pants with knee pads. Elbow pads strongly recommended.
Our track is made of dirt with a fine gravel layer. All berms are covered with asphalt.
Gate is 4 man with UCI cadence (random gate)
Track has great flow, 250m long.

Check us out on You Tube:

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