Armadillo Downs BMX
14562 Interstate 45 South
Conroe, Texas
USA, 77384

Track Phone Number: 1-936-271-3269

Track Web Site:

Track E-mail Address:

Sanctioning: ABA (American Bicycle Association)

Contact Name

Contact Phone Number

Contact E-mail Address

  Tim Hardsteen



Tuesday: 5:00pm-8:30pm
Friday: 5:00pm-8:30pm


Thursday: Registration 5:30pm-7:00pm; Racing ASAP

Saturday: Registration 5:30pm-7:00pm; Racing ASAP


This BMX Track Directory Page was last updated on: 2013-03-12



  • Lynn Bergin says:

    Can you give me more information on using your track?

    • BMX says:

      Hi Lynn, I have been able to contact somebody from the track and are in the mist of getting updated info to update the tracks information. It was thought that the track was closed but they are open and have updates their schedule on here. We hope to post their contact info soon so you and others can contact them with any questions about the track.

  • Sean FitzSimons says:

    I’m am looking into getting my 5 year old in into racing, is there any way to rent bikes and equipment before?

  • Adam Rod says:

    Looking to get my 9yr old son into racing. He has my Auburn race bike and a helmet. Practice is Tuesday at 530pm, is this the best time to show up and see if this is something he wants to do? He has a helmet, is there anything else he will need for the race or practice? Please let me know by email:

    Adam Rod

  • C Duncan says:

    My grandsons are 9 and 7 they are interested in the thought of BMX
    racing, but have no idea what it is.
    Is the Armadillo Track open and can spectators just show up on race
    days? Thanks for any help you can give me

    • says:

      We have resently read an article about the track being closed and are looking to relocate it to a new location.

  • Matt Martinez says:

    My son wants to take his bmx bike to the park but I don’t know a bmx park in spring/woodlands/tombal area. Does anybody know any park in that are his 11 y old

  • andrew says:

    can you ride the track recreational?

  • Sue Green says:

    I raced Armadillo Downs when I was younger. Now my kids want to race. Does anyone know if the track has been re-opened somewhere else or another track in the area?

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