TrailsTrails are where BMXers go to do some fun and enjoyable riding.This type of riding is called free-riding or dirt jumping. There are many well built trails around the world that are built by the local riders. Mountain bikes also enjoy these trails and help build them.

There are also skateparks that allow BMX bikes to ride them and also many indoor facilities for your riding pleasure. This directory will help local riders and BMXers that are traveling, to to find the trails, skateparks and indoor facilities to ride and enjoy. The directory will provide BMXers the location of the trails, skateparks, and indoor facilities and any other information about them.

Please go to our Contacts Page or the Trails/Skatepark/Indoor Submission Page and submit the information for your local trails/skatepark/indoor facility.

If you use this directory and go to a local trail riding area, please respect the trails and the people that work hard at building them by keeping the areas clean and don’t make changes to the trails and their jumps.

To find a local trail, skatepark, or indoor facility just click on their link to go to their directory page. We will be adding more links and their pages as we receive more about trails, skateparks, or indoor facilities. We will also make up dates to their pages as needed. So check the directory often for your riding pleasure to get the most up to date information.








 Trails  Welland Dykes  Welland
 Skatepark  Welland Skatepark  Welland





United Kingdom

West Midlands




 Skatepark  Unit3sixty Indoor Skate Park  Stourbridge


United States


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